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Top Attractions: Brandenburg Gate: This landmark showed a division during the cold war. However, now it shows a reunification throughout Germany. It is one of the most well-known sites in Berlin today. It was built between and and was taken from a Greek source which was the gateway at the entrance from Acropolis to Athens. It measures 26 metres high and has 12 wonderful Doric columns to support the structure.

There are quaint buildings around the area such as townhouses and impressive 5-star hotels.

There are matching buildings to the left and right of the gateway which were designed by the same architect. Museum Land: If you like looking around some good museums then this attraction is for you. It being a world heritage site it spreads out five different world-famous museums. They are all open to the public and were the consequence of building plan in the early 19 th century.

It also took the chance to show its vast collection of royal collections and fruits of the century. The first of the museums to open was the Altes Museum which opened its doors in The rest then followed on after that. But unfortunately, the Neues Museum which initially opened in was bombed during the war and luckily, has reopened in It is in a beautiful setting and you could easily spend a full day here looking at the big ensemble of things they have on offer. Aquadom: This 25m tall glass cylinder filled with 1,, litres of water is something not to miss when in Berlin. It opened in and cost a big Running through the attraction is a glass elevator which lets you get a real insight into eh the thousands of fish that are living there.

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It contains 1, fish with 50 different species. The best time to get there is at feeding time where 3 or 4 divers dive down and feed the fish 8kg of food. They also clean the tank whilst they are down there. This is not an attraction to be missed and is certainly a good entertainer especially for small kids. Transport in Berlin: The transport in Berlin like most other big cities is efficient, straightforward, affordable and most of the time punctual. For trains, there are no ticket barriers for the subway or overground trains. However, you will still need to buy a ticket.

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There are various kinds of tickets. All tickets are allowed on all public transport. Trams run more frequently every 10 minutes but buses are also an option too. Tram M10 is the party tram at night as it connects to where lots of clubs are found. Walking can also be an option to get some fresh air and take in the historic sights of the city. Hotels in Berlin. Book your hotel now!

Known famously around the world for this kind of thing. Anything goes in the clubs and there is a very good array of different bars and clubs to enjoy the night out. The original offer was to land in Berlin at on day 1 and the flight out was on day 3.

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So would have got just over 24 hours in Berlin. The only problem I find with Kindle versions is that the maps can be very hard to read. Thx to OP for Ch5 Stalingrad headsup. Background work for when I read the book Just found it, wish I had seen this series before it looks awesome at 2 hours an episode. Sadly its not on catch up so I will make do with watching this and next weeks. And if one leg falls apart you lose the rest as flights not connected.

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If bali to Singapore gets cancelled, then good luck getting home. What description of myself gives an indication of an apartment of leather bound books that smells of rich mahogany??! Grow up gang and let's get back to the deal. Yeah absolutely so just the one case. Also, peeps may want to get some booze from each place at local prices.

Also, cost of seats if you're a couple. Is the totum Isis card mainly used for getting you travel discounts abroad or all different discounts. You dont get a lot in your checked bag these days, for me and to be fair I'm 2m tall its maybe two days of clothes and electronics. Thats a bit too far in terms fo being able to rent things, what are you going to do rent suits for going out for dinner or swimwear for the pool? Some of these places are pretty equatorial, but Japan at least will need modest cold weather clothing and as a European that's not the easiest to find in Japan nor cheap. Flights are a great price however I suspect that hotels in Majorca might be expensive for this time of year.

Cheers OP ordered. Looking forward to getting stuck into this. Looks like an amazing read. If I was going to pay for a Russian and China visa I'd be spending longer than this deal and expect your itinerary to be analysed when you apply for a Russian visa, especially with that route. I spent 3 weeks in China and that wasn't long enough.

Also perhaps work looking at transiberian route for part of this instead with stops in Lake Baikal and Mongolia instead, that way you have accommodation too for some of your route. Either include the price of getting home, unless it is being suggested that once in Seoul, you actually stay and live there permanently.

In which case, include the cost of a Visa to live there as well. I had a similar issue with teletext holidays Never use them again as they blame every agent and sub contractor on planet without accepting any type of responsibility. They did it several times over two trips, so I wont use them again.

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The best place back then - not sure now; was the Gamma Delta complex, in the old Olympic Park; always book well in advance though. There was a huge open air market almost next door, and it is right on the metro line into the centre of the city. Good value. Have done Berlin with the kids a couple of times and Legoland and the Sea Life are good. Heat from me. So cheaper than London? Just tried this with a different phone.

Better than nothing I suppose. If this was an acute incident, involving musculature, which after sometime felt unresolved and sore, I'd give it some heat, deep. Berlin is a class city, and literally everyone we spoke to had at least a decent level of English :. Kayak have always been my go to flight search, and these guys haven't convinced me otherwise.

Just a few pounds more??? I've not found any cheap prices at all from Manchester, its an utter con, and companies like Ryan Air and Easy Jet take the Michael, they're a disgrace and only really beneficial for business commuters who don't carry a lot of baggage. Why does this remind me of those stupid youtube videos? You were not having fun you likened Germans wanting to look after their countries with them being nazis. Wow, chill dude, didn't call you anything. I was just having a bit of fun with the nature of your post involving Germany. Hey but if that's how you want to identify yourself It's with easy jet now I've updated it but it won't let me update the pictures as of yet.

Can't trust them to get you there or compensate you if they can't. The owner is a complete tool. Time to avoid. Deal temperatures are the heart of hotukdeals If you think a deal is hot, vote it up by clicking the red plus. Otherwise, cool it down by voting cold. Read what other members have to say about a deal and share your own opinion.

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We use cookies to improve and personalise your browsing experience, to perform analytics and research, and to provide social media features. By continuing to use our site, you accept our Privacy Policy. More information Agree. Posted 13th Sep Posted 13th Sep. Get deal Get deal. If you dont do it that way you only get discount on applied on one voucher instead of both But bear in mind they will most likely offer you late flight outbound with early flight coming back so you wont get the amount of time you might think you would without paying more alan04 Totally agree it should give more details in the offer, it makes it sound like you can choose the airport and departure date, luckily I got the airport but not the date i asked for.

Posted 19th Aug Posted 19th Aug. Really good book, detailing the final moments leading up to the fall of Berlin during the Second World War. Synopsis The Red Army had much to avenge when it finally reached the… Read more.

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Adiebear Yes, me too. Such a beautiful ending. Hope I haven't offended anyone.